Radio Zeeland launches ”TITAN-line”

Radio Zeeland DMP is pleased to announce it is now manufacturing a comprehensive next generation navigation display system “TITAN Line” that can be connected either to a network or to a wired system. This new technology is the first navigation line in the market place to provide much wider flexibility and customization with the ability to have a combined digital or analogue display unit within the same panel. This unique feature positions the TITAN Line as one of leading products to provide uniform, customized state-of-the-art wheelhouse … Continue reading


Radio Zeeland DMP has developed a new product to complement the already broad assortment of navigational equipment. The SIGMA or FALCON-1100 is an engine data display unit. This compact unit is used to monitor valuable engine data. The device has the possibility to display data of two different engines on one screen, making it extremely suitable for a large variety of vessels. The device operates with electronic engines and with engines equipped with sensors. For engine brands or types of engines that are not yet … Continue reading