Commercial Shipping

Since Radio Zeeland DMP started in 1970 with the production of inland navigation equipment, we have grown into one of the largest manufacturers of these products worldwide. Based upon years of experience and with a high quality in mind, we have developed our own techniques and visions for the development of renewing navigation equipment. We were among the first to create an affordable and highly accurate rate of turn indicator, or a complete pilot system.

Aesthetics has always been of mayor influence to Radio Zeeland DMP and truly embrace our products throughout the years. These days we offer the complete range of navigation equipment for inland ships. Represented by three product lines:



- SIGMA, unique is the combination of digital technology and an analogue readout
- FALCON, an all digital line based upon a modular digital network
- TITAN, a combination of digital and analogue techniques


Besides the inland river equipment Radio Zeeland DMP also produces short sea pilot systems

For further information, please download the Commercial Shipping Brochure