By the end of 2009 Radio Zeeland DMP launches its Falcon Line. The Falcon line can easily be recognized by its wonderful aesthetics, the 7″ TFT display and 6 capacitive switches. The Falcon line is a modular navigation system that provides all navigation information and control required. With just a touch of a button the function of a display can be converted from one application to another. Combining the Falcon D-1000 display with a sensor package and applicable control units, it enables the user to compile its own navigation configuration.

All these different elements are connected by the MultiHub. This unit combines various types of information like serial NMEA or RS485 to an Ethernet network. This provides full flexibility for any application now and in the future. The network structure allows for easy adding or changing functions with only minimal wiring consequences. It also provides power distribution to all RZ sensors. Note the design of the instruments, a black glass display, with a silver rim, and capacitive switches. A great feature is that all back lighting is switch able in different colour schemes and all network connected D-1000 units will dim simultaneously.