The FALCON-1000 together with the S-300 sensor is the rate of turn indicator. This smart rate of turn gyro allows to be changed between 90o/min or 300o/min. The gyro is based on the familiar and reliable Radio Zeeland gyro’s. The NMEA output can be connected directly to a FALCON-1000 display, or it can be connected up to a MultiHUB for information distribution. In the FALCON-1000 the scale can be set to 30°, 30°/90°, 90°, 90°/300° or 300°/min. The electronics in the sensor embeds a special damping, providing that smooth indication of your rate of turn. The FALCON-300 rate of turn indicator is approved under number E/04/101.

Scope of supply:
- FACLON-1000 multi functional display
- S-300 smart gyro 30o/min, 300°/min
- Mounting set
- Connection set
- Manual

Technical specifications:
- Power supply: 20-36VDC
- Power consumption: less than 2A
- Indicator: 0,1°/min @ 90°/min. 0,5°/min @ 300°/min
- Accuracy: Start-up time maximum 30 sec
- Built-in power supply alarm
- Alarm relais contact
- NMEA RSA output

The Falcon 300 is displayed with the Falcon 1000 display unit. The Falcon 300 consists of one Falcon 1000 and one S-300 smart gyro.
For information about the Falcon 1000 display unit, please download the product brochure.