FALCON 500 – Autopilot

The FALCON-500 autopilot is a complete stand alone FALCON autopilot system. The very heart of the pilot is the F-503 junction box. The processing rate of the various parameters has been dramatically improved, resulting in an excellent steering behavior. The most common steering systems are supported: on/off and proportional valves. The network allows for distribution of the pilot information to other displays as well. The FALCON-500 Autopilot is approved under number E/04/101.

Scope of supply:
- FALCON-1000 multi functional display
- F-501 pilot control unit
- F-503 autopilot junctionbox
- S-100 rudder angle sensor
- S-300 gyro 90o/min, 300o/min
- Mounting set
- Connection set
- Manual

Technical specifications:
- Power supply 18-36 VDC
- Power consumption: less than 2A
- Indicator: 0,1°/min @ 90°/min. 0,5°/min @ 300°/min
- Mechanical and electrical rotation 360°
- Analogue output, galvanic isolated 10V to +10V
- Built-in power supply alarm
- Non-contact magnetic recording angle
- Zero-point adjustable over the entire field line>
- NMEA RSA output signal
- By DIP switch selectable port feedback unit or starboard feedback unit

The Falcon 500 is displayed with the Falcon 1000 display unit.
For information about the Falcon 1000 display unit, please download the product brochure.