Radio Zeeland DMP has over forty years of experience as manufacturer of navigation equipment.  Not only production, but design and R&D facilities allow for swift respond to ever changing market needs.

Since our founding we have expanded worldwide to become one of the market leaders in the field of marine navigation and custom integration equipment.


Qualified staff, state-of-the-art production facilities, an ISO-certified quality assurance system and a highly customer-oriented approach enable us to translate widely divergent wishes and ideas into unique products

Products that are found in every marine market segment: our heritage of the best product line for inland navigation is supported by generations of skippers, our river/sea pilot has a prominent position in coastal shipping.


This prominent position in the commercial shipping market was created with the incredibly reliable Euro-line. Tis line has proven its durability over the years, with systems that are still running after over thirty years of continuous operation.


After the Euro line, development of high quality maritime products never stopped and the introduction of the Eco- Line, Delta- Line, Sigma and Falcon line continued to provide the market with a complete range of inland shipping products, with in-house developed and improved techniques.


After the successes of the mentioned lines, Radio Zeeland DMP’ s latest line is the all new Titan-line, which combines two proven techniques into a very versatile and flexible system. Combining analogue gauges with digital display units creates numerous possibilities to comply with customers’ ever so different preferences. Besides this versatility the complete line, whether it is a digital or analogue unit has the same style giving a uniform and orderly look to the wheelhouse