As an Original Equipment Manufacturer we enable our clients to benefit from our experience in the field of navigation equipment. And we make sure that we respect the requirements with respect to ergonomically sound man machine interfacing. This is enhanced with our design knowledge and custom solutions approach.
All these elements are cumulated in the only company in the world that is able to offer these services in a “one stop shop”: Radio Zeeland DMP.


Engine control panels
For many years we have worked togehter with some of the most respected engine manufacturers in the maritime industrie. And provided them with dedicted engine read out panels. Some of them enter the fifth generation of control panels. Fully made to their demands and of their clients.

(S)VDR systems
A complete approved (S)VDR system for Deep Sea applications. The development, approvals and productions are provided by Radio Zeeland DMP. All required structural organization approvals are present at Radio Zeeland DMP. ISO 9001-2000; MED module B and D for Wheelmark accreditation.
Based on the specifications of a leading marine propulsion engine supplier we have developed and deliver engine panels. Mainly based on the CAN-bus protocol supplemented with regulatory hard wirded functions these panels are well known in the european inland shipping market.

Bow thruster controls
Companies working with steel and hydraulics are glad to leave the controls to the specialists. Perfect maneuvering equipment with perfect controls.

Bridge consoles
We can develop a custom bridge console with all navigation, communication and propulsion functions. Produced in series, the elements are prefabricated in our factory. After shipment to the yard, our people provide commissioning and sea trials, during which the crew also receives training in the use of the system.
When the bridge consoles are in operation, we provide regular preventive service calls to prevent any unscheduled down time.