SIGMA 1000 – Display

The SIGMA-1000 unit is a multifunctional display with embedded software for various types of navigation equipment for the commercial shipping industry. Sensors connected to a network are read out and translated to the display with help of a MultiHub. The SIGMA-1000 enables captains to swap functions between different displays, making the cockpit rearangeable at all times.
The SIGMA-1000 can be connected directly to the sensors.

Scope of supply:
- Display unit SIGMA-1000
- The SIGMA-1000 Manual
- Connectors for power supply and NMEA

Technical specifications:
- Power supply 18-36 VDC
- Power consumption < 500mA
- Dimming capability 5-100%
- Display size 7"
- Overvoltage protected

Dimension: 23,6 x 15,4 x 5,0cm
Weight: ca. 1,75 kg

For further information, please download the product brochure.