The path pilot combines familiar pilot properties with a unique path setting functionality. The desired path is set on a charting platform, using the SIGMA 561 lever. Projecting the desired path requires less steering movements, resulting in a smoother steering behaviour, which causes less wear and tear on the steering system and an overall fuel saving. The graphical presentation of the vessels path on the carting display offers insights to the operator, previously unheard of. The system is suitable for proportional and on/off steering gears. The set only requires a suitable charting platform and a suitable DGPS compass sensor. The SIGMA 560 is approved under number E/04/102.
Scope of supply:
Control instrument SIGMA 560
SIGMA 100 rudder angle display/control instrument
SIGMA 300 rate of turn indicator 300° display/control instrument
SIGMA 561 path control lever
RZ219 junctionbox
RZ203 power filter
S100 smart rudder angle sensor
S300 gyro 90°/min or 300°/min
Mounting set
Connection set
Technical specifications:
- Power supply 18-36 VDC
- Power consumption less than 1A
- Dimming capability 5 to 100%
- Faceplate illumination colour red, blue or yellow
- Indicator 90°/min – 0°/min – 90°/min or 300°/min – 0°/min – 300°/min
- Built-in power supply alarm
- Built-in gyro- alarm
- Gyro test function
- Course alarm
- Rudder system alarm

For further information, please download the manual of this product.