SIGMA 700 – Intercom

The SIGMA-700 is the intercom system of the SIGMA-line. This system is standard suited for 5 sub-stations and can be extended to 10 sub-stations. The system has a general all-call facility.
The sub-stations have a call-function to the main station. A LED indication on the main stations shows the calling sub-station.

Scope of supply:
- SIGMA-700 intercom main station
- Mounting set
- Connection set
- Manual

Technical specifications:
- Power supply 20-36 VDC
- Power consumption less than 2A
- Dimming capability 5 to 100%
- Built-in power supply alarm

Dimension: 35 x 25 x 26 cm
Weight: ca. 2 kg

For further information, please download the product brochure.