Radio Zeeland launches ”TITAN-line”

Radio Zeeland DMP is pleased to announce it is now manufacturing a comprehensive next generation navigation display system “TITAN Line” that can be connected either to a network or to a wired system. This new technology is the first navigation line in the market place to provide much wider flexibility and customization with the ability to have a combined digital or analogue display unit within the same panel. This unique feature positions the TITAN Line as one of leading products to provide uniform, customized state-of-the-art wheelhouse design. The TITAN Line incorporates proven technology deployed from its earlier products FALCON or SIGMA, has ISO-certified quality assurance, and is ideal for all types of new builds or refits for the commercial shipping industry.


“David Leone, President of Radio Zeeland DMP comments, “With a proven track record for manufacturing quality and durable navigation equipment, our R&D Department upgraded the current design to a more customized, digital model.  The TITAN Line provides a much more flexible solution and has many more variable options, which will make the lives of engineers and project managers a much easier process to integrate our system into a multitude of different instruments.  These instruments could be anything from rudder angle sensors, an echo sounder indicator set, wind speed and direction indicator, rate of turn indictor, GPS compass, auto pilot, path pilot, intercom station,  generic control panel, trackball panel, steering system, joystick panel, to controlling a camera or search light.   The power behind the TITAN Line is that within the one system, all these elements are integrated and displayed in a streamlined touch screen environment”.


For the analogue instruments an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display is added for alarms and indictors.  In many cases this display also provides the data digitally.   Lighting for the display unit is illuminated with LED backlighting.  Whether the display is analogue or digital, there are three different color options:  Red, Yellow or Blue.  Blue is recommended for night view.  Colors can be chosen by pressing a button or adjustable for its brightness, using a dimming system.


The backlighting of the TITAN line instruments goes from 0-100% instead of 5-100%, which means lighting can be shut down completely. This is a new feature for when it is pitch-black outside. When an alarm goes off, the OLED display will light up automatically even if the illumination is turned off completely.   Upgrading from a SIGMA or FALCON to the TITAN line is an easy process.   TITAN line can also connect to your old sensors from SIGMA or FALCON line.


Within the TITAN line, there is a multi-functional display system – TITAN-1000.   Here a network is used to transmit data from the sensors to the display unit and can be connected to NMEA 0183, to provide as a backup source.  With embedded pre-programmed software for a wide variety of navigation equipment within the commercial shipping industry, the design allows for wheelhouse expansion or equipment upgrades.


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