High bright screens

Our newest high quality product on te market is the High Bright Screen. It is a 4000 Nits screen that operates excellent in direct sunlight and outdoor conditions. You find no malfunctioning or blind spots due to solar-loading and it is suitable for horizontal mounting. If the weather changes, the monitor can be dimmed up to 0,5 Nits. This screen is water cooled and has a LED backlit LCD.

The watercooled monitor has an integrated controller board that measures temperatures, waterflow, humidity, currents, voltages etc. It uses the data to determine the state of the screen and take appropriate actions, like the control of LED backlight dimming, water flow and fan speed. The screens have their own IP address, an USB connector for touch panel connection and a VGA and DVI input.

Available in 19 and 22 inch.

You have never seen such a bright screen. The flexibility gives you a wide range of options of using the screen.

For more information about the high bright screens, please download the product brochure.